Top 12 Most Wanted Sustainable Fashion Products Right Now


Top 12 most wanted sustainable fashion products. Lyst is a global fashion search platform, or simply put, the Google of fashion. It lets you search thousands of online fashion stores at once, containing over 5 million products and over 12,000 leading fashion brands.

Lyst’s latest fashion report, named Searching for Sustainability, looks at shopping behaviour of over 80 million shoppers from 120 countries.

Weekday jeans sustainable denim

By extracting data from over100 million searches across 5 million fashion products and combining it with social media metrics, multi-platform mentions of products, sentiment analysis and related keywords, Lyst wanted to see if and how the new wave of eco-consciousness is affecting the fashion world.

Allbirds sustainable sneakers

Without further ado, here are some of the most wanted sustainable fashion products and relevant findings presented in the report:

  • Sneakers were the most wanted sustainable category, and Stella McCartney’s Stan Smith Leather Sneakers are the most wanted sustainable sneakers right now.
  • Searches for another environmentally friendly footwear label, Allbirds, and its ethical shoes grew by 170 per cent YoY.
  • There was a 187 per cent increase in page views for “sustainable denim” brands.
  • The most wanted jeans among sustainable denim are ‘Weekday jeans’, made from 100 per cent organic cotton, with an 80 per cent increase in searches from September 2018.
  • Searches for vegan leather rose to 119 per cent from last October, often searched for alongside “shoes” and “bags”.
  • The term “vegan fashion” was responsible for over 9.3 million social impressions.
  • Also, there was a 66 per cent increase in searches for sustainable fashion, which included sustainable related keywords like “ethical brands” and “econyl.”
  • After dominating New York Fashion week this season, online searches for the Nanushka brand and its Hide Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket increased by 30 per cent since the beginning of January.
  • Traffic to luxury resale products has increased by 329 per cent over the last year and 50 per cent YoY increase in the sales of pre-owned products online showing a growing demand for luxury fashion circular economy.

The report concludes that by 2020, according to Lyst’s market analysts, 10 per cent of all fashion purchases on their platform will be made with
sustainability in mind. The full report can be accessed here.




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