“The world’s first accelerator program for startups that embrace the circular economy”



What is circular economy?
Circular economy is all about changing systems. Thinking, producing, funding, selling, consuming, rewarding, sharing, etc. It all can change for the better. From linear to circular. From old to new. From me to we.

Here are the six guiding principles we use to make it happen:

All materials are cycled infinitely in either technical or biological cycles
All energy is derived from renewable or otherwise sustainable sources
Human activities support ecosystems and the rebuilding of natural capital
Human activities support a healthy and cohesive society and culture
Human activities support human health and happiness
Resources are used to generate value (financial and other forms)

Startups that will benefit from participating in the WHEEL accelerator program are working on (at least one of) these core activities:

  • Innovation in collection and reverse logistics systems for product and material recovery
  • Breakthroughs in circular design: design out of waste; design for remanufacturing, component
  • harvesting and eective recycling; modular design; design for standardization etc.
  • Development of effective recycling technologies (with upcycling potential)
  • Development and adaptation of new materials and products based on waste (upcycling)
  • Innovations that radically reduce material throughput: development of performance based business models; circular design; asset sharing
  • Innovations aimed at sustainable agriculture; maintaining biodiversity; optimizing land use; reducing biomass extraction
  • Innovation in renewable energy technologies; generation; storage; distribution

Or let us know why think your startup is circular if it doesn’t exactly fit one of the activities above!




Circular economy is becoming the hotbed for new economic growth and creates huge opportunities to address societal and business challenges. Fostering entrepreneurship and accelerating startup companies can create thriving new disruptive industries.

Startups embracing these challenges and opportunities are a special breed. They not only strive for a new business, but also foster the shift to a circular economy. These startups and the entrepreneurs behind them face new challenges as they are pioneers in building towards a circular economy.




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