The AIRPod? $10,000 Car that runs on Air

Small price, tiny size, zero emissions

It’s not a concept vehicle, it’s for real and Tata Motors plans on releasing it. Three passenger, tops at about 43 mph (70 kph) and a range of 200 kilometers or more…powered by air!

See the descriptive video at the bottom. It’s quite interesting to see it in action.

I suppose you can say the range is really greater than stated, because you can fill up while you’re on the go with the on-board electric motor. Let’s see how this all pans out in India.

The price is remarkable at about $10,000. Usually green tech comes with a bigish price tag, but this seems to could be a “mass market sweet spot of a price point” and given that a fill up for your 200+ kms will cost about 50 cents.

AIRPod air powered car designed by MDI for Tata Motors

AIRPod air powered car designed by MDI for Tata Motors

The second phase of testing is on now. Let’s hope this one doesn’t mysteriously fade away.

The 3 passenger air powered car was developed by MDI. Great city commuter vehicle.



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