SUEZ Environnement Issues Report on North American Sustainable Development Program

New Report Highlights Progress Made in 2014

PARAMUS, N.J., Jun 05, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) — On the occasion of World Environment Day, SUEZ Environnement North America—the US and Canadian subsidiary of the second largest environmental services company in the world—released its annual Sustainable Development Report to share progress toward social, environmental and other non-financial goals.

“Annually, we set goals to make measurable progress towards our vision of moving cities, businesses and industries from an economy that over-consumes natural resources to one that optimizes management and use of resources. With each milestone, achieved in collaboration with clients and partners, we are better positioned to lead the way from resource crisis to resource revolution,” said Bertrand Camus, chief executive officer.

In 2014 notable progress was made towards goals in improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, wastewater reuse and reducing wasted water within our distribution system.

  • The company has continually improved upon energy goals, including a 5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and is on track to achieve a 5% improvement in energy efficiency by 2016.
  • A 1.8% decline in non-revenue water, or water lost within the distribution system, equivalent to saving 1.4 billion gallons for the year was achieved;
  • Amidst record drought across the U.S. the company has a leading edge in reusing 12% of water that would otherwise have been discharged as wastewater.

SUEZ Environnement uses non-financial measures to monitor increases in efficiency and profitability while reducing environmental impact, engaging its employees and collaborating with stakeholders. Each priority area looks at specific challenges that the continent is facing, including aging infrastructure and water loss, energy efficiency, climate change, water-resource protection and corporate responsibility.

The report pairs each commitment with an example of SUEZ Environnement’s most significant accomplishments toward attaining it in North America. For example, a new solid waste recycling partnership with the City of Edmonton which diverts 60% of residential waste from landfill disposal will now serve as a reference for the company as well as a model for aspiring cities across the continent.

“Moving forward, we believe that these initiatives will help us to better provide innovative and industry leading solutions to clients and customers, many of whom are seeking to optimize increasingly scarce resources within the water cycle and the circular economy,” said Camus.

Click here to read the 2014 Sustainable Development Report




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