Rexam, a leading global can maker, announce first commercial use of the Metal Recycles Forever logo in the UK

The logo, endorsed by all members of Metal Packaging Europe, provides a definitive symbol for the metal packaging industry. Its creation is part of a behavioural change campaign, intended to inform consumers about the inherent recyclability of metal packaging, ultimately encouraging them to recycle more.

Speaking on behalf of Rexam, European Sustainability Manager Matthew Rowland-Jones says, “We’re delighted that Concrete Cow has decided to use the logo and see this as an extremely positive step in the right direction. We are now focussing on encouraging more of our customers to include the symbol on their cans, in a bid to change consumer attitudes to recycling.  As Europe’s largest beverage can maker, we have a responsibility to support and encourage consumers to recycle their cans, through on-pack and wider marketing communications.”

Dan Bonner, owner of Concrete Cow Brewery says, “For us, the can in which we package our beer is a key marketing tool, which has to capture the personality and the soul of our brand. By displaying the Metal Recycles Forever logo on our can, we emphasize the role our consumers can play through recycling. And we make it clear that sustainability is important for us, and is in line with our own values.”

Metal is a permanent material, which means it can be recycled practically infinitely and has already achieved one of the highest recycling rates in Europe, at 73%. And as permanent materials, both aluminium and steel are making a strong contribution to closing the material loop and supporting the development of a circular economy.

But current environmental messages and claims are fragmented, which is why it makes sense for the industry and brand owners to use an efficient and simple unified on-pack and off-pack message for metal packaging. The logo provides a clear call to action to prompt consumers to positively re-evaluate and re-engage with recycling.

Matthew Rowland-Jones adds, “As a member of Metal Packaging Europe, we are proud to have played a key role in the development of the Metal Recycles Forever logo. Rexam is a business that takes sustainability extremely seriously, across our products, our operations and our people.”

The logo has been created in 15 language versions to ensure its message can be understood wherever it is found.

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