Repsol markets its first certified circular polyolefins

Repsol has recently obtained ISCC PLUS certification for the first circular polyethylene and polypropylene tons that are already commercially available for its customers in Europe.

The company believes this is an important milestone in its commitment to boost the circular economy and stands as a pioneer in the production of certified circular polyolefins, which use plastic waste as raw material.

Repsol has started certification of all its polyolefin production centres, obtaining the first for its industrial complex in Puertollano.

In 2015, Repsol experimentally began to feed oil from chemically recycled plastic waste, leading the implementation of plastic waste chemical recycling on an industrial scale.

The company’s circular polyolefins are obtained from oil from chemically recycled plastic waste not suitable for mechanical recycling, alongside conventional raw material.

This new raw material is fed alongside conventional raw material at its refinery, reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources. By ISCC Plus certification, Repsol can allocate these savings on a specific share to the polyolefins produced in the complex.

These certified materials ensure the traceability of the plastic waste used at the source and at the same time, offer the same quality and functionality as virgin polyolefins.

The new portfolio of circular polyolefins grants Repsol and its value chain a new portfolio of products made from recycled material for applications that demand high standards of hygiene and safety, making them ideal for food packaging.

This certification proves Repsol’s commitment to innovation, to the excellence of its processes, and collaboration with third parties. The company anticipates significant trends, offering leading products that help its customers meet the consumers’ demand for more sustainable products and to promote the transition towards a new circular economy.




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