RA makes circular economy submission as consultation closes

The Resource Association (RA) has made its submission on the final day of the European Commission’s public consultation on a revised circular economy (CE) package.

In a position paper and formal response to the consultation, which closes after 12 weeks, the RA calls for a shared methodology for calculating recycling using different metrics to the curent weight-based regime.

One suggestion is a mandatory source separation of biowaste while others include:

  • Better enforcement of Waste Shipments Regulations
  • Guidance on acceptable levels of contamination
  • Recycling targets with achievable lead times for all member states
  • Banning of recyclables to landfill and none to incineration in the longer term
  • Renewed emphasis on ‘demand pull’ measures

Ray Georgeson Resource Association

RA chief executive Ray Georgeson (left) said: “We urge the Commission to be true to its stated ambition for the CE and signal a clear timetable in its action plan that will lead to underpinning legislative proposals where they are needed.

“We know the CE is about much more than recycling, but getting the collection and processing of secondary raw materials in the best order possible has to be a paramount priority for revised waste legislation.”

In March, director general of environment at the Commission, Karl Falkenberg, said the final package should be ready by early autumn.

Another online consultation specifically focused on waste markets, also feeding into the revised CE proposals, will run until 4 September.

The original package, dropped last December, included recycling targets of 70% for municipal waste and 80% for packaging by 2030.

Think tank Zero Waste England has also made a last-minute contribution, calling for binding recycling targets of at least 80% by 2030.

source: mrw.co.uk



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