Guest Post: Can waste segregation in the workplace be „smart”? 
Intelligent bin will soon appear in our offices.

First smart trash bin is being created in Poland. Not only will it facilitate work in an ecologically friendly environment but also allow us to save time devoted to garbage segregation at work. It is also certain that the use of the wastebasket will bring real financial savings to companies that decide to use it.

One of the dynamically developing Polish technology companies for more than a year has worked intensively on creating the perfect bin, which recognizes, categorizes, sorts and stores the trash. The proposed solution – Bin-e – is a response to the growing problem of segregation of garbage in the places where waste is produced the most, except our houses. According to the statistics every year Europeans produce over 213 million tons of garbage of which only 30% is recycled. This is definitely not enough to meet the growing requirements in the sphere of the protection of the environment presented by the European Commission. This problem is particularly apparent in our workplaces, where it’s really difficult to control by who, where and what is being thrown away. Not everyone can also recognize from which material an object is made, and thus, into which container it should be thrown. The solution proposed by Jakub Luboński and Marcin Łotysz – smart trash bin Bin-e – solves these problems by reducing the volume of waste we produce.

  • Bin-e is a device for automatic waste segregation. Its functioning is based on a combination of mechanical, electronic elements and software with elements of artificial intelligence. From user’s perspective – nothing changes. We return to the traditional rubbish disposal, to the situation before a notion of segregation. We throw away waste and that’s it. The rest is done by the machine, which recognizes objects and classifies them to the proper categories and then compresses. An important element of the system is its integration with logistic solutions used by companies that deal with waste management – says Marcin Łotysz, CTO.

Apart from working on a product the company has put enormous funds and time for the verification of market-driven operation’s assumptions Analysis of the waste management process revealed that in addition to environmental aspects, companies can achieve real profit from using  Bin-e in their offices or public spaces.

  • The real demand has been confirmed by dozens of potential customers not only in Poland, but most of all in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. We managed not only to create environment friendly solution but also one that is profitable for companies. Depending on the regulations on a particular market, companies can save on waste disposal even several hundred percent per year. Our belief in the value of solution is also strengthened by the partners with whom we plan to develop the product and build new distribution channels. All of this is the result of long months of hard work and many sacrifices. Our families know it best –  adds with a smile Luboński, CEO.

BIN-e has been recognized in several prestigious international competitions related to environment friendly solutions and Internet stuff, e.g. Kick InoEnergy, Accelerator, or ACE Creative. Another challenge for Bine will be to develop a production version of the device, which is expected to enter the market next year.

-The prototype of the device confirmed our belief that BIN-e will cope with challenges. We are not resting on our laurels and every day we are working on the best solution, thinking about our future customers. There are still many challenges ahead of us, but we are convinced that someday BIN-e will also appear in our homes. This will be a dream come true. This is our vision – adds Marcin Łotysz.

The creators of BIN-e not only have many years of experience in developing solutions in the field of modern technology, but also a professional team of engineers, designers and marketers. The ambitious plans of the company are going to speed up thanks to sourcing a strategic partner.

– We are in advanced talks with several potential investors, but still opened to propositions. Every day of working on BIN-e brings new opportunities. We are looking for solutions, which can make our product available as soon as possible. We believe that with the right partners we will do it.



More information:

Jakub Luboński (CEO)

phone: +48 661 111 105


Marcin Łotysz (CTO)

phone: +48 501 784 520




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