EuPC sets up task forces

The packaging division of trade association The European Plastics Converters Association (EuPC) has launched three taskforces and appointed Padraig Nolan to the role of Packaging Division Manager. He will be in charge of coordinating the new taskforces and replaces the outgoing Ingrid Verschueren.

The sustainability and vision taskforce will set goals regarding the protection of goods, consumer protection and the circular economy. Dr Jurden Bruder will head up this force. He is the general manager of the industry association IK, which represents the interests of manufacturers of plastics packaging in Germany.

Meanwhile, Françoise Gerardi, the managing director of Elipso, a company that represents plastics and flexible packaging manufacturers in France, will lead the communications taskforce, which will initiate actions and set up events in order to best communicate with the plastics packaging industry.

Lastly, the policy coordination taskforce will coordinate the responses to legislative initiatives set by EU institutions. Francisco Morcillo is the senior industrial issues executive at the British Plastics Federation (BPF) and will have an advisory role within the task force.

Bjørn Hoem, chairman of the EuPC Packaging Division, stated: “It’s encouraging to see that we are all working together in being proactive. The plastics packaging industry is facing many challenges today and we plan to tackle these issues head on.”




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