Ethical Corporation Publish Circular Economy Intelligence Report

Intel report with practicable advice, comprehensive business plan and exclusive case studies published today

London – 21/10/2015

Ethical Corporation have today published The Circular Economy Report 2015: Making the Circular Economy Work for Your Business. Providing sustainability professionals with actionable strategic advice, a comprehensive case study with ideas to take to the board, and exclusive case studies not published elsewhere, the report will help businesses to embrace the circular economy, and unlock the myriad benefits – both short-term and long-term – on offer.

Case studies on the circular strategies of BT, Patagonia, Hewlett Packard, Jaguar Land Rover, Maersk Line, Fairphone, Terracycle, and Vegware provide a cross-industry perspective, and unparalleled insight into how global brands and industry leaders are aligning with the broader circular economy.

Kirstie McIntyre, WorldWide Director of Environmental Operations at HP said: “This report succinctly builds on previous work on the circular economy without much repetition, and highlights real action by real companies”

Simon Graham, Environmental Strategist at Commercial Group added that: “This report showcases some great examples of leadership across the globe and demonstrates that embracing the circular economy brings wealth and prosperity today as well as in the future.”

Businesses are increasingly facing pressure to declare a sustainable outlook and commit themselves to the circular economy, but there’s very little practical advice available. The “Circular Economy Report 2015” has been created to bridge that gap and help organisations seeking to evolve their model whilst mainitaining – or even increasing – profitability.

For more information on the report, and to see how you could get your hands on a copy, follow this link.

Should you have any questions at all, please contact;
Greg Cohen
Ethical Corporation



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