Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow’s World

Business as usual’ isn’t working. There is an emerging consensus that all is not well with today’s market-centric economic model. Although it has delivered wealth over the last half-century and pulled millions out of poverty, it is recession-prone, leaves too many people unemployed, creates ecological scarcities and environmental risks, and widens the gap between the rich and the poor. In Corporation 2020, Pavan Sukhdev lays out a sweeping new vision for tomorrow’s corporation: one that will increase human well being and social equity, decrease environmental risks and ecological losses, and still generate profit. Sukhdev illustrates his vision with examples ranging from Infosys’s creation of human capital to Citibank’s having to change its project finance policy due to rainforest destruction. From its insightful look into the history of the corporation to the thoughtful discussion of the steps needed to craft a better corporate model, Corporation 2020 offers a hopeful vision for the role of business in shaping a more equitable, sustainable future.



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