Circular economy to revive wine world

(ANSAmed) – MILAN, OCTOBER 5 – The circular economy is based on transforming waste into a resource and the Italian wine market could use it to grow, according to a round table discussion organized at the Cibus-Federalimentare pavilion.

The event was organized by Caviro, an agricultural cooperative gathering together 12,000 winegrowers under its umbrella. ”Our model of a circular economy,” Caviro president Carlo Dalmonte said, makes it possible to recover a large great deal of the waste to produce something of worth. This enables us to amortize part of the cost, going onto the market with a quality product and prices in line with consumers’ expectations. The group has 535 employees in four different production facilities and in 2014 it racked up 314 million euros in revenue.” ”The 100 million euros in investment over the past 6 years,” said Sergio Dagnino, general director of the cooperative, ”made it possible for us to achieve constant improvement in our performance in terms of quality and respect for the environment. Our group recycles 30% of the water and saves 50,000 tons on packaging thanks to the use of carton and light glass.” The environment ministry, noted Undersecretary Barbara Degani, is also involved in raising enterprises’ commitment to the development of a circular economy. ”We are working on two fronts,” she said, ”both on the basis of voluntary agreement with enterprises that show the new sensitivity to this issue and on the other through de-taxation policies that facilitate the situation of those already applying circular economy” practices.



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