Circular economy should link up with smart cities, ex-WTO chief tells Taiwan

Faster trade possible thanks to circular economy

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The circular economy should link up with the currently popular concept of smart cities, former World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Pascal Lamy said in Taipei Wednesday.

The Frenchman was addressing the 33rd Pacific Economic Community Seminar, devoted to “Smart Cities and Trade,” the Liberty Times reported.

The event discussed how to combine several fashionable concepts to promote faster trade and a sustainable economy.

Putting the circular economy into practice would be a key element in fostering global economic growth for the future, Lamy told the meeting. A consensus needed to be reached by local and central governments and across borders to amend laws in order to achieve structural change, he said.

Lamy encouraged organizations such as the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, whose Taiwanese chapter organized the seminar, to play a key role in the evolution, by bringing together a variety of opinions and by offering solutions to related social problems, for example in the field of privacy protection, the Liberty Times reported.




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