Casa Futebol: Architects Want to Turn Brazil’s Stadiums into Affordable Housing

Now that the World Cup euphoria is starting to settle down, the question remains-what will Brazil do with the 12 stadiums built for the massive sport event? Architects Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux of 1Week1Project created hypothetical designs entitled Casa Futebol that propose to insert affordable housing units into the existing structures.

As of this weekend, Brazil has to decide what to do with the stadiums and facilities built for the World Cup. Temporary buildings will be dismantled, some will be reused, but a large number of objects will have to be repurposed or demolished otherwise they will end up sitting vacant. Some of the stadiums might be converted into public parks, but one of the most cost effective reuse plans is based on the idea of keeping them as event-based venues.

Casa Futebol, on the other hand, proposes to transform the stadiums into much needed affordable housing structures. Modular housing units would be installed between concrete pylons and stacked around the stadiums’ perimeter, making use of most of the space which is otherwise not used. The architects plan to keep the original function of the stadiums active, with some of the ticket revenue used for maintenance of the residential units.

Casa Futebol’s strategy seems like the most socially conscious proposal out there, but raises numerous questions. What are the structural and load bearing capacities of the stadiums? Will these structures be able to carry hundreds of additional housing units?





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