Building Financial Capacity for Circular Economy

Raising capital and building financial capacity for transformation towards more circular and sustainable business models is one of the major challenges on the pathway for transformation. In our seminar we will challenge our participants to search for ways to deal with issues of raising capital for business transformation and come up with feasible and applicable solutions.

Many companies are keen to embrace the principles of circular economy, but adjusting their business models and utilizing the associated technologies is costly, and hence out of reach for many. In this session we will bring representatives from the financial sector, policy makers, business leaders, and innovation entrepreneurs. We will explore the barriers faced by companies when raising financial capacity to support their transformation, identify the roles and responsibilities of the financial sector to support these transitions, and what practical tools can be used to facilitate effective transition to Circular Economy.

We want this session to be interactive and to facilitate an instrumental discussion between the stakeholders on how to work together in building greater financial capacity in order to bring innovative business models and technologies on the market.

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Our Circular Economy Intitiative brings together stakeholders for sustainable solutions. Read more about circular economy here

Source: World Watch Europe



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