Bouygues forms smart city partnership

Bouygues Construction is teaming up with water and wastewater specialist Suez to develop ideas for sustainable and smart cities.

The two have signed a worldwide memorandum of understanding for an initial period of three years, covering the design and development of new solutions to optimise resource management and to favour more sustainable building.

In particular, the collaboration will cover aspects such as waste recovery and recycled materials, water treatment and management, the development of on-site logistics solutions and the development of public-private partnerships.

Bouygues said that cities need to be reinvented to reduce energy and water consumption, to establish a ‘virtuous circular economy’ particularly with regard to the recovery of waste and to improve transportation. Other aspects include more connected buildings and neighbourhoods, and giving a greater place to nature in order to ensure a better quality of life and a lower ecological footprint.

The two groups are already working together on a number of projects, including the construction of the Fort d’Issy Vanves-Clamart metro station, which is part of the Grand Paris Express. In collaboration, they have devised solutions intended to optimise the management and traceability of excavated site materials. They have also both part of a team that has been developing connected site technology (link opens in new tab).

The worldwide partnership signed between Suez and Bouygues Construction is intended to take this collaborative approach further.

Suez CEO Jean-Louis Chaussade said: “This agreement represents a new chapter in the history of the two groups. We have already pooled our expertise in some emblematic projects, such as the recovery of construction waste from the first construction site of the Grand Paris Express, or the design of the first connected protective equipment that improves the safety of operators. Today, we are rising to the challenges of urbanisation and the circular economy by stepping up our efforts in favour of a virtuous construction industry and the development of resourceful cities.”

Bouygues Construction chairman and CEO Philippe Bonnave added that meeting the environmental challenge of more virtuous resource management will be the priority of the partnership between the  two groups. “The environmental emergency we all face today is now urging us to go further and draw on our respective expertise so that we can jointly propose disruptive solutions to achieve better recovery of resources,” he said.




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