Circular Economy Focussed Marketplace Enviromate Relaunches

Enviromate the multi award winning, disruptive, closed loop marketplace where people connect to buy, sell or donate leftover building materials has relaunched in its bid to continue to drive circular economy thinking through reuse of surplus building and DIY materials. With a mission to build a future where we share, upcycle and reuse surplus, reducing the impact the industry has on our environment and building toward a more resourceful, circular economy.

Enviromate has developed into a leading closed loop marketplace that both connects consumers to the resources they require or wish to sell through a classified marketplace along with donations of larger amounts of surplus materials to community projects via larger developers. Harnessing the rise of both digital technology and sharing economy principles to help propel the growth of the circular economy, where reusable materials are kept out of the waste stream, value is not destroyed; instead it is preserved – and also created by sharing under-utilised material resources. This model is not only less environmentally damaging, but economically more efficient. More importantly reducing the need for extraction of new, finite natural resources within the construction and DIY sectors.

A Complete self funded platform with growth of 10,000+ people across the UK, Winners of 2016’s P.E.A Sustainability Awards, Pioneer of The Year and most recently The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Eco Entrepreneur of the Year Natwest Boost Award. With over 4,000 tonnes of material reused on the marketplace and kept out of the waste stream – enough to fill over four olympic swimming pools and a material value close to £600,000. This coupled with over twenty charities and community projects  across the country, benefiting from national developers donating larger surplus through the platform seeing the benefit of waste reduction and increased corporate social responsibility shows the enviromate brands ethos of having a real tangible and disruptive impact is well underway in the UK.

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